Saturday, October 8, 2011

Things We Should Do For Love

I have been with my husband since I was just a teenager.  I know that we have both grown as people since we have been together nine years. I also know things with us are constantly changing. In the big picture I have only just begun my relationship with him; if we both live to be old and gray that is.  We could possibly be married another forty to sixty years depending on how long we live.  I have relatives that just celebrated there 70th wedding anniversary. Wow 70 years! I can't hardy imagine being alive long enough to be married 70 years.  Here are a couple bits of advice of things we should do for love.

Going by grandma's advice right now in this stage of my life is the hardest part of marriage. We have little kids, the economy is bad, and life is just stressful.  Plus I am just now becoming more aware of how my husband ticks and how to handle a situation to keep from having an argument.  We still do argue over little things but not as much as when we first got together.  I was young and I thought everything had to be MY way.  The older I get the more laid back I get.  I have learned to pick my battles and wait for an appropriate time to hash it out.  Fighting in the middle of Walmart just makes me look ignorant. Well I guess as a teenager I was ignorant about most things. Now I see people going at it in public and I just shake my head and Thank God that I realized how silly that is.  Also fighting in front of the kids is never a good idea.  We really try our best to keep disagreements between us and not let the kids in on the arguments.  It isn't always easy and sometimes I lose my cool, but at the end of the day our kids know that we love each other.  People should be more patient, with their partners. If you promise to be with someone the rest of your life, why make life miserable over leaving the toilet seat up or something else that really isn't a big deal.

Since I have  been married I have gained a ton of weight, I used to care a little bit about fashion and I wore makeup on a daily basis.  I guess you could say I had let myself go. I used to say, "I'm already married what does it matter what I look like?"   Recently I have been exercising a lot and trying to eat right.  I have started losing weight but I was doing it for myself for health reasons, but I got to thinking:  Why in the world would somebody be attracted to a slop.  My husband has never been negative about my weight, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind a bit for  me to be fit and trim. So after this revelation I think about him when I need some motivation.  Anyway, last Sunday after church I was thinking, "Why is he sitting beside me to watch TV?"  Then I realized I still was dressed nice and had on a ton of make-up.  Like every time I ware make-up and fix my hair nice he always gives me compliments and pays more attention to me.  So almost every day this week, even if I didn't really feel like it, I fixed my hair and make-up the same way I do on Sunday for church.  Well it worked out in my favor.  He was so much more attentive to me.  He did ask why I was wearing so much make-up lately. I told him it was for him and he grinned.  So maybe it took me a few years to figure it out, but my man really likes for me put myself  "together" for him.  He would never ask me to on his own. Maybe for fear of my wrath or maybe because he didn't even realize he wanted me to. Anyway, my point is if you know what your partner likes why not do it (with in reason of course)?  You are going to live with this person for the of your lives why not make each other happy. 

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