Monday, September 26, 2011

Turning the To Do into DONE

So I didn't blog Saturday. I was thinking about what to blog about while I was doing chores. I just couldn't think of anything in particular that I wanted to say. In the past couple days I have thought of a couple of things I want to blog about.

First  thing is: Even if the project seems too much it is amazing what you can get done in a short amount of time with just a little focus.  I used to just not do something because I didn't have the time to get it done right.   However, even if something is just cleaned up real quick and not totally done it's better than it being totally messy.  Saturday is the only day that I can stay home all day and focus on chores. The rest of the week I squeeze in the time for things that need to be done daily. OK sometimes I don't squeeze in the time for chores and I get backed up. Anyway, I usually right out a to do list that is as long as the 11 inch paper I right it on and expect to get everything done and I always fail.  This Saturday I just wrote down the items that I thought were the most important and I wrote beside it the amount of time I wanted to work on it. When I was done with the chore I checked it off and wrote down the actual time it took me. It amazed me what I got done all because I stuck to my list and focused on only one task at a time.  Also, this list will help me next week when I will have the same chores to do. I will know how long it took me last time and plan accordingly.  I was so excited when I turned my to do into DONE before my time was even up. Maybe my house is not company ready but it felt like a breath of fresh air to walk through and every room but one was looking good and the floors were clean. I even had time to weed my nonflower flowerbeds before I went grocery shopping.

So you're probably wondering which room in my house wasn't clean.  Yesterday my daughter asked, "Mommy why do you look so tall?"  I told her, "Because I'm standing on a foot of laundry."  My laundry room is ridiculous. I make my boy clean his room on Saturdays and he brought out all of his laundry from the week and I didn't make time to wash much laundry last week. So, besides the two hampers full I have a pile in front of the washer too. For the rest of  the week I vow to wash this laundry and to get rid of some of these clothes. We shouldn't have so many that I could get away with not doing laundry for a week.  I am going to have just what we need and get rid of extra. I don't have nice clothes I just don't get rid of clothes when I get new and that has got to stop.  I haven't gotten some of the major projects done that I have blogged about yet. They are on a to do list though.  The laundry beast will be done this week though and that is a priority. 

So I'm doing good keeping up with chores  except for the laundry.  How do you keep up with your laundry? Let me know any suggestions you have for me.

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