Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Truth Is.......

I would like for people to think I have it all together.  I have well behaved children, a wonderful marriage, an awesome well paying job, lots of money in the retirement fund, and a nice house that is squeaky clean.  The truth kids are wild like yard apes sometimes, my husband gets on my nerves and I get on his, I don't have my ideal career not that I don't love what I do,   I am frugal but I have no money saved back for old age, and my house is a mess!   So on my other blog I am giving myself a challenge every week to help me lose weight.   I want to use this blog to become more accountable for everything else in my life. I will focus on one topic every week.  Maybe when I put all these things together I will be closer to the person I want to be.   Don't get me wrong I am a happy person and enjoy my life. I just want make my quality of life a little better. I know that I have been considered an adult for like nine years but I'm really just learning to what I want my life to be like ya know.  I guess what people say is true; you don't really know who you are until you're around 30.  

Another thing that has really helped me on my journey of change is prayer.  The days that I pray in the mornings for focus and strength I always have a better day.  I want to make that my goal for everyday to be closer to God.  I am thankful everyday for the joy that I have in my heart because of  Jesus. So if in some of my blogs it sounds like I am complaining about my life just remember that really am happy; I just in vision more for my family and myself and I'm blogging for a little motivation.  My blogging may be helpful or just entertaining to you too, but I'm probably not going to have any great tips for life that are working for me now. I just want you to come along for the ride.

This week I will be working on my home and my daily cleaning schedule and some decluttering/organization projects. I will try to post some before and after pics next Saturday.  Stay tuned........

Sunday, August 21, 2011

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Saturday, August 20, 2011 I'm the wicked stepmother!

I met my husband when our son was three. He lived with my husband and he was really well taken care of. That is what really attracted me to my husband. My boy was part of the package.  I love him just as much as I would have if I had given birth to him myself.  He was so little when my husband and I got together that he never seemed to resent me for being with his dad, or want his mom and dad together. He couldn't even remember  when his mom and dad were together anyway.  Poor kid moved backed and forth several between his mom and dad when he was little. He adjusted well with every move and he thought that moving back and forth was just something that you do.  As he got older it became obvious that he should not keep changing school. His mom was sick so he moved in with us permanently.  I have been his primary care giver since he was nine and every time he lived with us before then. Of course his dad helps, but I run the household. I have never been like fix your kid something to eat or help him with his homework. He is treated like my own.

 I obviously have had to make him mind and sometimes he would get mad at me for that.  He is a hardheaded kid that doesn't like to take no for an answer, but for the most part we got along really well. Then came my beautiful baby girl. There is an eight year age difference so for a little over 4 years he had me all to himself.  I suppose it is part sibling rivalry part preteen hormones but now I'm the wicked stepmother!  Every time I do something for my daughter that I don't do for him he says he is so deprived!  He has more chores to do because he is older than her. He thinks I'm a slave driver and it's unfair to him.  If I would have given birth to him and he waited eight years to have another child (I didn't wait eight years on purpose, but that's another blog.)  maybe he would still say I play favorites to her. Either way how fair is it for either one of us that he feels this way.

I don't want him to feel like an outcast or that I don't love him just as much as I love her.  I know that one day when he is older he will realize I was his parent not the wicked stepmother that he thinks I am.  I try to spend good one on one time with him, tell him, and show him how much I love him.  I guess that being a stepparent is like being a parent to any kid they don't know it at the time but you are doing the best you can to help them turn into a responsible self-sufficient adult.  Maybe one day he will read this and know just how much I love him, my oldest and only boy.  All kids act like they don't like their parents. My daughter say she hates me sometimes too. It just seems to cut deeper when he gets mad at me.  So if you have a stepchild love them lots even if they act like they don't want it they do. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day Of School WHOOT WHOOT

Yay it's the first day of school.  Well she thinks it's BIG school, but she is going to her first day of W.E.E. school from 9-12.  More importantly the boy is going back to middle school and that means that for eight hours five days a week......180 days give or take a few sick days I will not have to play referee with my kids.  Also after discussing with myself for the past couple of years to home school or not to home school it decided that my kids and I just don't work that well together. I am getting better everyday on having patience with the kids, but I tell ya sometimes they just don't listen to a thing I say. How could I educate them in book learning when I can't even teach them the life lessons I want them to learn.  Well maybe that's not all true, but some days I do feel that way.  Some days though my girl will clean up her toys and make her bed without me even asking and my boy amazes me with some of the things that comes out of his mouth. Just when you think he isn't listening he does something that makes me so proud I want to cry.  All in all I guess my kids could be worse. In fact I know that they would be totally out of control without parental discipline. Some kids (like my baby brother) are born disciplined and some just have to have really good parenting.  Anyways, I know it's not Saturday and I am working on a Saturday Blog but I just wanted to share.  If you had the chance would you home school your kids? Why or why not? Comment below :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello Bloggers!

So......I'm not sure why I'm starting this blog. I don't know where this is gonna lead. My husband asked, "Why don't you do a blog?", when I told him that my friend is doing a blog and really enjoying it.  I told him I don't really have anything to say, but then I thought everybody has something to say. Maybe people wanna listen to me maybe not but I might as well give it a shot.   I love to coupon and shop so I will probably post some of the great deals that I find. I have two extremely active children so I will have a lot of stories to tell about those little angels. I have been struggling with an addiction problem that not many people wanna talk about so this may be a "rehab" blog for me (Hi, I'm Ashley and I am addicted to food.). My goal is to write a blog every Saturday. I guess I will have lots to say so stay tuned.........