Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week One of Reforming Me

Well this blogging my goals is really working for me!  I have ben doing more deep cleaning and it feels good to be getting organized!!!  Saturday is the day that I make the kids clean their rooms.  I usually clean my daughter's room myself, but this time I made her do it.  She fought me on it at first, but I told her she wouldn't get to go to the pool party she wanted to go to and it didn't take her long to pick her toys and make her bed.  She did a good job too!  I think sometimes we underestimate what our kids can do. I vacuumed and helped her dust but I am really proud of how well she did.

 I started getting my kitchen cleaner on Sunday by cleaning all the grease splatter off my stove and back splash.  After cleaning that stove I know why Granny always said wipe and swipe those appliances after you cook.  Talk about having to use some elbow grease.  I don't know how I let things get so bad. I guess I have just been skating by on doing as little house work as I could get away with and cleaning appliances just wasn't in my cleaning regimen.

Monday I spent FOREVER cleaning the grease off my fridge which is beside my stove. Then I MammaBishop actually pulled out the fridge and cleaned behind it. I thought I was going to pass out for all the dust but I got through it.  I can now sleep better at night knowing that my refrigerator is clean behind it. I then went to the spice cabinet above my stove. Ugh what at jumbled mess that was. I would just take what I needed out and throw it back up there. I ended up throwing out quit a few spices that were out of date. 

 Then I went on to clear off the top of the fridge. There were things up there that had no business being up there.  With a toddler if there was something I didn't want her to get into  I just put it on top of the fridge. I also have a problem with not putting items back where they really belong. I have a pretty nice pantry cabinet for food storage but I put the food on top of the fridge.  I also used the top of the fridge for a medicine cabinet because my little angel girl would climb on the bathroom sink and get in the medicine cabinet.  Well now that she is four and a little calmer it is time to get my home back in order. It is also the perfect time to teach the kids how to stay organized. Maybe they wont have as hard of a time in their adulthood if I organize them now. I have been kinda like my mom was. Just put things like where ever and leave it till I need it.

                                     I have my bread basket back!!!! (Can you tell we love bread?)

I actually used the cabinet space above the refrigerator to store medicines that I did not dispose of. This cabinet was nearly empty before. What was I thinking??????  I am excited now to get more places in my home that have become a dumping ground organized.

Tuesday I barely got all of my regular chores done. I had to take my son for a checkup and med review and it always take two hours in that doctor's office. I got all my laundry folded and it was 11:30 pm. I was debating on whether to even do my extra cleaning project, but I am soooo glad I did. My kitchen island needed cleaning BAD. There I keep my small appliances. I had a rotisserie that was on it's last leg. In fact I don't know why I put it back down there in the first place.  I found a Bi Lo Catalina coupon under it that expired almost a year ago. I just keep thinking to myself, "Why haven't I been doing this regularly? It's not that hard to wipe down the kitchen!"   Tuesdays project only took me like 30 minutes, and when I do it regularly it will only take five.

The rest of my week was pretty busy so it was hard to do any extra deep cleaning. Friday I finally got the Boon Frog bath toy organizer I ordered from eBay a couple weeks ago.  So I got the bathroom toys out of the mesh bag they were in. My daughter even got on board with my "less is more" saying. She got rid of several bath toys. I got her some foam numbers and letters and told her she could have them if she gave most of her other bath toys away.  That made a BIG difference in my small bathroom.  Saturday I we went through my daughters room and got rid of  a trash bag and a large box of toy. Don't worry she is in now way deprived she still has a large toy box and her dresser and shelf headboard are still full of toys.  I think cutting back on the toy clutter will help keep things so much nicer.  She now knows where all her things belong and she has enjoyed cleaning her room this week and making her bed.

I have worked with both kids this week about being more responsible for their own things. My son takes out the trash, vacuums, puts away his own laundry. This morning I tough him how to fry his own eggs. He was proud of himself for making his own breakfast, and both kids did the dishes today. I will be rewashing when I go clean up from supper in a few minutes, but I think it is never too early to teach your children how to take care of themselves.   I love doing things for my children but I feel like if they are helping me I can get more things done around here.

Next Challenge:  Get My bedroom decluttered/organized. I want to want to hang out in my room to relax. Right now my room is a dumping ground for everything that doesn't have a "home".

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  1. Man...I just love you <3!! See, it's like I said about always having that #1 goal in sight!!!!!