Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Rant Of An Unorganized Mamma

Seriously I usually work on a blog on Friday morning while both kids are at school, lately I've been exercising on Friday mornings.  So to get a Saturday blog up I am doing typing it on Saturday. I feel like this blog is like my diary and if I type it up on Monday by Saturday my life and mood are so different that Mondays tone doesn't even apply to how I feel on Saturday. Does that make sense? I like to ramble. That is another reason I didn't post last Saturday I just ramble......OK so I'm just gonna say it's an unorganized rant of an unorganized mamma.

Sorry to my mamma ( I feel like I'm calling out my parents on both blogs this week).

I want to give you some background of why I think I have such a struggle with keeping up with housework. Well maybe this will be a list of poor excuses, but it's my blog and I will excuse my bad habits if I want to.  My mother worked a lot because my dad sucked at life. He only worked to take care of himself and even though he loved us in his own way he just never really grew up and acted like the father he should have.  So, as a young child I stayed with my grandparents most of the time after school.  My grandma keeps her house immaculate.  I think she has OCD really.  I saw how hard she worked everyday cleaning. She would eat standing up so she would be able to clean up our (there were 4 of us) messes.  She really was like Super Susie Homemaker. Like Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray have nothing on this lady.  On the other side of that is she never let us help her do chores or assigns us chores to do on a regular basis.  I wish now that I had paid more attention to her routine.  Granny never had to leave the house either so she had lot of time devoted to cleaning.  My oldest aunt told me she remembers Granny scrubbing and hanging out cloth diapers in the winter and her hands would be bleeding.  I think that as Americans we are spoiled now. Granny really had to work hard when she was young because she had no other choice. It's not that we are lazy but we are now a product of what modern convenience can do.  The point I'm trying to get to is.  I never learned to keep up with chores because at Granny's she did it for me.

When I was a young teenager I did a pretty good at keeping up with the house work. Again, mom was working swing shifts and not at home most of the time so  I cooked dinner after school and took care of alot of the housework.  I feel like there was never a big emphasis on  keeping things neat and orderly at home.  Mom was tired from working and she had health problems so she would do like a power clean when things got really messy. My dad was not around much he was too busy hunting and drinking to care about if we made our beds.

All that being said I didn't realize until adulthood that this is not OK with me to live like a slob. I have been struggling with this for the past eight years.  For some reason I just don't stay on my cleaning schedule. I do have two hyper active children that I have organized many chore charts for.  I have printed off every kind of chore system I can think of. I have even gone to a website .  It is a really cool site that kids can earn points to exchange into money for doing simple chores.  I really try to get them involved in this so that when they grow up they will be able to properly take care of themselves.  I also need the help.  I feel like I live a bunch of slobs. Myself included, we don't but things away right after we use them.  The dishes don't make it to the sink.  The laundry stays in the bathroom floor until I put it in the the hamper. There is alot to do and I don't think I should have to do it all myself.  On the other hand when they do help I usually end up redoing it.  I honestly have so much trouble keeping up with putting away clutter that I don't get to do deep cleaning alot and that is my goal. I know my house will never be like Granny's, but my goal is to not cringe with embarrassment every time somebody knocks at my front door. I do clean daily. I'm not like a crazy hoarder, but I just never seem to get it all done.  I know what to do I am just having so much trouble sticking with it. It is like being on a diet.  I know what not to eat but I eat it anyway.

Last blog I challenged myself to turn my bedroom into a relaxing place to be. I did get it cleaned up but I still have a computer desk that is an eyesore.  My goal is to get that cleaned up this week and have a before and after posted for y'all. You wont believe how much stuff is piled on this desk.

My challenge for this week is to get my home back it order.  I am doing a power clean today. Then I am really going to stick with my chore list.  I will not got to sleep with toys in the floor, dirty dishes on the dining room table, or unfolded laundry.  I also have a bid project for my hallway that I want to get done this week.


  1. Granny does have OCD God bless her heart lol. So can relate with you, after having conrad and woog here with me my kitchen table looks like a huge giant hoarders table. I HATE IT!!! I'm a very unorganized person as is, even with a mother who always cleaned. Heck I still have stuff that isn't unpacked from like a year ago haha.

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