Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello Bloggers!

So......I'm not sure why I'm starting this blog. I don't know where this is gonna lead. My husband asked, "Why don't you do a blog?", when I told him that my friend is doing a blog and really enjoying it.  I told him I don't really have anything to say, but then I thought everybody has something to say. Maybe people wanna listen to me maybe not but I might as well give it a shot.   I love to coupon and shop so I will probably post some of the great deals that I find. I have two extremely active children so I will have a lot of stories to tell about those little angels. I have been struggling with an addiction problem that not many people wanna talk about so this may be a "rehab" blog for me (Hi, I'm Ashley and I am addicted to food.). My goal is to write a blog every Saturday. I guess I will have lots to say so stay tuned.........


  1. You know ofcourse that I love the idea of you blogging!!! I am sure you will have plenty to say and plenty of readers :)

  2. I share that same addiction. In fact I stepped on my scale this morning after working out hard all week to see 3pounds gained. Of course then I realized I was bloated do to that friendly time of the month. At least that's my excuse this week. Look forward to reading your blog cousin :)

  3. Meg I don't just watch the scale when I am on one of my health kicks I have a pair of pants that are really tight and I try them on once a week to see if they are loser or tighter. I guess I could just measure but I would have to write it down or I would forget. Then I would have to go find a pen lol. Keep up the hard work! You will do great!