Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day Of School WHOOT WHOOT

Yay it's the first day of school.  Well she thinks it's BIG school, but she is going to her first day of W.E.E. school from 9-12.  More importantly the boy is going back to middle school and that means that for eight hours five days a week......180 days give or take a few sick days I will not have to play referee with my kids.  Also after discussing with myself for the past couple of years to home school or not to home school it decided that my kids and I just don't work that well together. I am getting better everyday on having patience with the kids, but I tell ya sometimes they just don't listen to a thing I say. How could I educate them in book learning when I can't even teach them the life lessons I want them to learn.  Well maybe that's not all true, but some days I do feel that way.  Some days though my girl will clean up her toys and make her bed without me even asking and my boy amazes me with some of the things that comes out of his mouth. Just when you think he isn't listening he does something that makes me so proud I want to cry.  All in all I guess my kids could be worse. In fact I know that they would be totally out of control without parental discipline. Some kids (like my baby brother) are born disciplined and some just have to have really good parenting.  Anyways, I know it's not Saturday and I am working on a Saturday Blog but I just wanted to share.  If you had the chance would you home school your kids? Why or why not? Comment below :)


  1. Coming from a family who did homeschool I would have to say it was something that I loved and honestly appreciated. Now that I'm older and realize how difficult children can be sometimes, I'm not all to sure if I could honestly do it. Maybe my mom just had some form of super human powers lol. I think it requires much patience and dedication to your children. Maybe when I finally have my own I might feel a little differently towards this situation, but for now I guess I would say if you feel you could do it why not try.

  2. Megs your mom really is a rare breed of woman! of course she had pretty good kids too :)