Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gotta Save that Green Stuff

Money: wouldn't everyone like to have an endless supply of it?  We make enough to live comfortably.  My kids got everything on their Christmas wish list, except the Cookie dog that Kyra said was her #1 at the last minute.  I looked all over for that dog.  She got the Go Go Walking Pup instead and that poor dog is stuck in the corner of her room.  Go Go hasn't been played with since the day after Christmas.  That being said, maybe I should only not have even bought that dog and saved the $50 for something else.  Anyway, I ramble too much.  My point is I think my kids would be just as happy if they didn't get every single thing and just the couple most important ones.  Like Kyra wanted the 3DS so I got them both one or it would have been a fight over it.  Myles has a PS3 and PSP and I rarely see him with his 3DS.  That's more money I could have saved.   Why do I spend so much money on these kids?  Obviously we have to give them food, clothing, and shelter and that's a lot of money, but I have bought some of the dumbest toys.  The other day I bought a toy at the Dollar General and she literally broke it in the parking lot.  I should have just given a dollar to the person in line behind me. 

Don't get me wrong I'm not one to blow money all the time.  I don't buy anything that's not on sale and most of the time I have a coupon for it.  I save a lot of money that way. I don't get my hair cut often and I never get my nails done.  I just end up spending that money on something else (like crappy toys).  So my resolution for 2012 was to find a way to earn extra money for savings.  This week while truck shopping (my husband's Tacoma was bought back because of a recall so we had to get another truck)  I came across so many SUV's  that I would love to have.  I have been driving a mini van for too long. I'm not sure why I bought a mini van in the first place and we financed it so we ended up paying way more than it was worth.  So I have decided that my goal is to put some money in savings for a "rainy day" and put some money in a new car fund.  I wont save for a brand new car but I will make a "car payment" to myself.  Lord willing the van will last me until I can save enough to pay cash for a really nice used SUV.  I am determined that I do not want to pay a bank to borrow their money.  This may take me a few years but I think I will be that much more appreciative of it if I know that I have really worked hard to save this money for a car.

So if you see me at the Dollar Store or where ever and I a buying my kids something junky just cause they are begging for it; please come over and slap the back of my head and tell me not to do it LOL.

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